In Search of my Ancestors

A Collection of Brereton Family Histories

About the Author Faye Brereton-Goodwin

Since 2001, I have been researching and compiling histories about the Brereton Family.  Like so many descendants, I had heard about Brereton Hall in Cheshire and knew about the Brereton Bear.

My histories initially focused on the Breretons of Cheshire, then other locations in England. I was fortunate to travel to Cheshire and Manchester on three  occasions, each time gathering more information and photos of halls, houses, churches, cemeteries, monuments and parks.

Eventually, my search led me to Ireland where I found many descendants of Sir William Brereton. During a recent trip to Ireland, I was able to find the village of Killurin, Offaly where my great-great-great grandfather David Brereton (born 1732) lived and to see many cemetery monuments to members of my family (including David) in St. Mary’s Church, Parish of Geashill, Offaly.  Of course, there are lots of interesting stories of Brereton’s who left Ireland, many in the 20th century to seek their fortunes abroad.  My great grandfather came to Canada in the late 1880’s.

This website provides an opportunity for me to share the stories I have complied with other Brereton enthusiasts and a forum where we can continue to share new stories and discoveries. 
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World Wide Brereton Family Reunion, Brereton Hall, Cheshire, England

In 2001, I attended the World Wide Brereton Family Reunion organized by Pam and Derek Brereton of Ann Arbour , Michigan, USA.  We had a marvelous time meeting other family members from all over the world and visiting many sites that have loads of Brereton History.  Notably among them are the St.Oswalds Church , Handsforth Hall, St. Marys Church.  We were able to see several burial sites including the domed tomb of Sir Randolphus Brereton, the tomb of Sir William Brereton and his wife, Anne.


There are many references to the various family Crests and Coats of Arms throughout the stories on this site.  The design and use of these items is generally called “Heraldry” and I have included some information about Heraldry which can be accessed by clicking the button below.