Brereton Family Histories

Researched and Compiled by Faye Brereton

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Breretons of Knock

County Tipperary

In April of this year (2017) I received two emails inquiring about Edward Brereton of Knock and a third email asking about the Breretons of Tipperary. When I started looking for answers to their questions it became apparent that there was a relationship between Edward of Knock; John Brereton of Parsonstown (later Birr) (1811-1882); Simpson Hackett Brereton of Clongowna (co. Tipperary); Anne Brereton, daughter of Daniel Brereton and wife of Thomas Brereton of Rathmore (parents of Black Jack Brereton) and John Brereton of Liverpool (also known as Black Jack).  

After many hours of research and analysis, it is my opinion the Rathurles Breretons were descended from Edward Brereton of Loughtioge, son of Sir William Brereton of Cheshire.  Documenting my research and conclusions was much more difficult and I decided that family charts were critical to helping the reader following this history.

Breretons of Knock