Brereton Family Histories

Researched and Compiled by Faye Brereton

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In 2002 I completed a history titled  “In Search of my Ancestors”  and shared it with other Breretons I met during 2001 Brereton Reunion in Cheshire (organized by Derek and Pamela Brereton).  The history was eventually posted on  What started as an interest in Brereton Hall and the family of Lord Brereton of Leighlin has expanded so much over the years to include histories of other branches of the family, including the Breretons of Ireland, descendants of Sir William Brereton, who settled in a  6th and 7th centuries.   

    The Breretons of Cheshire was an

    important part of the 2002 book and follows

    the story of the early Breretons who arrived

    in Britain in the 11th Century and settled in


     I have included  many personal photos of      churches, halls  and other Breretons sites.

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