Brereton Family Histories

Researched and Compiled by Faye Brereton

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John (Thomas) Brereton and Betsy Dobson of Tullamore

John Brereton (circa 1790 – circa 1850) and his wife Betsy had a farm just outside Tullamore. They had seven children (five sons and 2 daughters) all born in Ireland; however during the period 1848-1851, five of the siblings emigrated to the United States of America. Only eldest son George and one sister stayed in  Ireland. Interestingly, sons Sons Frank and Robert both changed their name from Brereton to Britton and this change has continued through their family lines.

This history was prepared by Beverly DeLong Whitaker, a  great-great-great -granddaughter of John and Betsy.

Breretons of Tullamore